The Delivery Girls: The Job Application

Written by: Bianca Pendleton
Illustrated by: Mark Brayer

Category: Children-Picture Book

Page Length: 26 Pages

Reviewed On: 09 JUN 2020

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Book Review

It's not often you see a children's book written by a member of its target demographic, but who could deliver it better? The Delivery Girls first book sets up a wonderfully colorful world with three bright friends who are pulled together by their desire to help people, and sets up the mystery binding them in a way that leaves you eager for more. The Job Application marks the beginning of what promises to be a bright, intriguing world.

This opening chapter in a young author's new series is full of promise. The characters are sweet and interesting, the world vivid and detailed, and the story is intriguing. The Delivery Girls: The Job Application is a wonderful start, and no young reader who reads will be able to resist eagerly awaiting the next one.

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