Traveling Tessa

Written by: Carrie Crawford Martinelli
Illustrated by: Carrie Crawford Martinelli

Category: Children-Adventure

Page Length: 70 Pages

Reviewed On: 13 JUN 2020

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Book Review

Traveling Tessa is an incredible book about the magic of adventure, as well as the magic of your own home! Tessa is a bright young girl eager to see her uncle's return from his months traveling. He gives her a very special gift, and that night she and her new friends go on a journey like never before!

Tessa is a character most children can see themselves in. After all, who doesn't dream of getting away from the same old home and place you grew up in? Exploration is a natural human instinct, one that starts blossoming at a young age. Your kids will love exploring the bright snowscape of Iceland with Tessa and her new friends, and hopefully learn a little something about finding magic even in the mundane.

With vivid, beautifully descriptive imagery, this story is a fine start to more advanced reading levels. The pencil-drawn pictures add an extremely personal feeling to the story, and the characters are full of life and personality. Carrie Crawford Martinelli clearly put lots of love and care into the creation of this book, and I eagerly await this promising series' continuation!

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