Andy Ant Goes On An Adventure

Written by: Nicole S. Ross
Illustrated by: Aurora Tolentino

Category: Children-Picture Book

Page Length: 12 Pages

Reviewed On: 30 JUN 2020

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Book Review

Opening up an excellent letter-of-the-week series, Andy And Goes On An Adventure starts and finishes very strong! Having a dedicated book for each letter of the alphabet is a wonderful way to focus a specific set of new sounds and not overwhelm your child with too much too fast. The words range from very simple to more complex as well; focusing on multiple sounds made by A words, and not just the easiest ones.

The art is bright and vivid, and there's so much detail and character in each picture! Andy's world is full of life, and your child will love picking out what pictures match their new words. A fantastic start to an extremely promising series!!

About Nicole S. Ross

Nicole S. Ross is passionate about using stories in early childhood education. She wrote the Alphabet Book Series for parents and teachers to be able to use stories to help children fall in love with reading while learning the alphabet.