You Are Special

Written by: Suzanna Lynn
Illustrated by: Suzanna Smith

Category: Christian-Children

Page Length: 39 pages

Reviewed On: 11 AUG 2020

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Book Review

All of the corgi puppies in the litter are yellow and have no tail, except for Buddy! A chat with a judgmental horse convinces Buddy that his blue fur and long tail are weird, but his mother assures him that being different isn't a bad thing! This is an adorable story about accepting your own uniqueness.

The first book of Buddy the corgi's story has a great lesson aided by Bible scripture. This would be an excellent book for young children to read on their own, but would also make a great book for story time with parents, perhaps with some discussion afterward about what makes the child special. You Are Special is a great Christian story with an important lesson that would make a great addition to any child's bookshelf.

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