Victory Voices: The Inspiration Behind Joan of Arc

Written by: Deborah Ann Kessler
Illustrated by: Deborah Ann Kessler

Category: Children-Non-Fiction

Page Length: 28 Pages

Reviewed On: 09 JUN 2020

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Book Review

Young readers interested in finding for a good book to start their learning journey need search no further. Victory Voices: The Inspiration Behind Joan of Arc sets the stage for how fascinating, inspiring, and tragic the past can be. While it focuses on Joan's childhood and first experiences more than her military campaign, it does not brush over her victories or fate by any means.

The art is bright and vivid, with a style reminiscent of the angel-hearing heroine it features. Victory Voices is a fantastic diving board for any child or teenager looking to delve deeper into the true stories of historical heroes. Or anyone curious about Joan of Arc herself!

About Deborah Ann Kessler

Although Deborah Ann Kessler was born in Ohio, she's lived in California and Texas the longest. She considers the Dallas/Fort Worth area home and earned Texas Teaching Certificate from UTD in Richardson in 2004. She also holds a BA in Photojournalism with an Art minor in 1994, and graduated from Plano Senior High School.

Deborah currently works as a Substitute Teacher as well as writes and draws. She has had a number of past lives as a an Administrative Assistant, Multimedia Artist, Reporter, Staff Photographer, and restaurant Assistant Manager.