Lucky's Adventure in Winter Wonderland

Written by: Elizabeth Macy
Illustrated by: Jenn Kocsmiersky

Category: Children-Action

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Reviewed On: 9 SEPT 2020

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Book Review

Little Lucky is a very lucky dog-- she has a nice home, a loving family, and friends she can go out and play with in the snow. But she knows not all dogs are so lucky, and after a great day of winter fun she starts thinking about how she could help them. Lucky decides to get her pals together for an adventure to go help shelter dogs still waiting for a forever home!

This book is an adorable story about snowy shenanigans, compassion, and helping others in need that children of all ages will enjoy. The illustrations are beautiful and kids will delight in seeing Lucky and all the lovable pups bundled up in their winter gear. Lucky's Adventure in Winter Wonderland is not only fun but also has a wonderful lesson to teach, and any child who loves dogs will love this book.

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