I Dreamed You

Written by: Justine Avery
Illustrated by: Ema Tepic

Category: Children-Picture Book

Page Length: 35 Pages

Reviewed On: 30 JUL 2020

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Book Review

I Dreamed You is, ultimately, a love letter from a mother to her child. A mother who has known and dreamed of motherhood for a long long time, and one that deeply enjoys it. It is moving, and warm, and soft in all the ways a mother should be soft. Justine Avery has written a poetic masterpiece of love, and that love shows.

If you are considering motherhood, this book is recommended. If you are already a mother and want to give your child a book that might let them know how deeply you care for them, this book is highly recommended. It is everything a mother should be to her child; soft, warm, and inspiring.

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