Granny Annie and the Happy Moon Cats

Written by: Reesa Grace
Illustrated by: Reesa Grace

Category: Children-Picture Book

Page Length: 37 Pages

Reviewed On: 09 SEP 2020

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Book Review

Even the smallest of kindnesses leaves a mark. This is the lesson Granny Annie and the Happy Moon Kittens seeks to and succeeds in teaching, with flying colors. No matter how small you think an action is, you have no idea how big the impact is!

With simple and adorable art and a very sweet story, This book uses the simple act of baking bread for strangers to show that everything you do matters. You affect the people around you with your kindness, generosity, and thoughtfulness; so make sure it's those traits you're showing people! Young or old, Granny Annie and the Happy Moon Kittens is a book sure to warm your heart.

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