Angry Books

Written by: Tacee Theobald
Illustrated by:

Category: Children-Action

Page Length: 38 pages

Reviewed On: 27 JUL 2020

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Book Review

Don't you hate when you find books that have been torn, bent, chewed on, or stained? Well, they hate it too! This humorous open letter from tired and frustrated books will teach children how to properly handle and care for them as they read.

With cute, colorful illustrations and examples of how not to treat books, any kid reading this is sure to treat their books a little more kindly. As a librarian, I can say it's unfortunately a common occurrence to see books returned in bad shape, or stuffed onto shelves improperly, but this story can help your children see how they should be handled. I highly recommend Angry Books to parents with little ones who love reading books, but could learn how to better care for them.

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