Zeke Puts Mr. Zebra To Sleep

Written by: Nicole S. Ross
Illustrated by: Aurora Tolentino

Category: Children-Picture Book

Page Length: 27 pages

Reviewed On: 6 JUL 2020

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Book Review

Young Zeke is so excited to visit the zoo to see his favorite animal-- the zebra-- zip and zoom around! But the poor zebra doesn't want to zip or zoom, he hasn't slept for days and is very tired. Then Zeke has an idea: why doesn't he try to help the zonked out zebra get some Z's? Kids will love reading this adorable, touching tale as they learn words that start with the letter Z.

About Nicole S. Ross

Nicole S. Ross is passionate about using stories in early childhood education. She wrote the Alphabet Book Series for parents and teachers to be able to use stories to help children fall in love with reading while learning the alphabet.