Tiger Livy

Written by: Erin Garcia and Betsy Miller
Illustrated by: Ivreese Tong

Category: Children-Action

Page Length: 29 pages

Reviewed On: 13 AUG 2020

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Book Review

Six-year-old Livy loves to run around and play with her friends, imagining herself to be her favorite animal-- the majestic tiger. One day she finds that she can't do those things anymore though, and doctors discover that she's very sick. She's sad and frustrated at first, but one day Livy realizes that she needs to be strong and determined like a tiger to get through, and her new stretch marks look an awful lot like tiger stripes!

This is a beautiful, emotional story about a little girl suffering from and overcoming Juvenile Dermatomyositis, also known as JDM or JM. The illustrations in this book are expressive and appealing, and the story is poignant and hopeful. Children living with a chronic illness will be able to relate to Livy and find a role model in her, and those who've never experienced that will be able to get a little bit of an understanding of what kids like Livy go through. Tiger Livy is sure to leave a positive impact on any reader, child or adult, as they cheer the little tiger on to prevail over her sickness.

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