The Snot Book: A Book for Children to Enjoy and Learn about Nose Goop, Mucus, and other Curious Facts

Written by: Mark, Mami, and Mae Bacera
Illustrated by: Mark Bacera

Category: Children-Picture Book

Page Length: 45 Pages

Reviewed On: 16 JUN 2020

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Book Review

Learning about how your body work is absolutely necessary to stay safe and healthy, even those parts of your body that are "gross." Well, The Snot Book makes that learning fun! Each page shows a different "SN"-word that adds to the educational value of the book, and is just overall a fun, silly book full of laughs and knowledge. The art is fun and expressive, and fits perfectly with the bright story.

In addition to just being a great picture book, The Snot Book comes with several pages of mucus information at the end! Your child will love learning about where snot comes from and what it does, and what different colors mean. If your child loves learning gross body facts, this book is the absolute perfect addition to their collection!

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