The Little Boy Who Wouldn't Eat Cheesecake

Written by: Christina Myers
Illustrated by: Katherine Carver

Category: Children-Picture Book

Page Length: 33 Pages

Reviewed On: 27 JUL 2020

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Book Review

Fun and learning come together in this excellent book about the importance of being brave and trying new things! Just because something sounds one way doesn't mean it's going to end up how you imagine, and you should trust the people who love you when they say it's something good! Sometimes things can be intimidating and scary, but that doesn't mean we should never give them a chance to change our lives.

Christina Myer's first children's book is an absolutely wonderful debut. The story is well-paced and the art is fantastic, and its basis in a true story makes it all the more endearing. Most parents can relate to a child too scared to try something for fear, and for those parents, I highly recommend The Little Boy Who Wouldn't Eat Cheesecake. A sure classic that will draw your children in again and again!

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