Written by: Tevi Hirschhorn
Illustrated by:

Category: Children-Action

Page Length: 17 pages

Reviewed On: 2 AUG 2020

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Book Review

Little Samson is tired of being the youngest. His sister Liza is the oldest, and she can get and do whatever she wants, while Samson has to go to bed early and eat his vegetables. But Liza is also pretty nice to Samson... with a big sister like her, being the youngest might not be so bad after all.

This book is so cute, and sure to be a hit with younger siblings who will relate to Samson's troubles. The simple words and large, expressive pictures would make this an excellent book for parents to read to their kids during story time. I can highly recommend Samson to any small children who sometimes feel that their life is unfair compared to that of their older sibling.

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