Lockdown Drill at Superhero School: Calmly prepare for a Lockdown Drill with Superhero Skills

Written by: Tamara Rittershaus
Illustrated by: Adam Walker-Parker

Category: Children-Picture Book

Page Length: 16 Pages

Reviewed On: 15 JUN 2020

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Book Review

This is an excellent book for teachers preparing for their first lockdown drill. It goes over the details and reasons why the drill is needed, and talks about the process in a very simple, child friendly way. It even has a step-by-step guide at the end of the book, to be fully clear on what is going to happen!

Children will love Lockdown Drill at Superhero School's bright, adorable art! The characters are so full of life and personality, and each one shares their name and power at the end of the book! This is an excellent addition to any teacher's classroom bookshelf.

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