Indy's Spot of Bother

Written by: Lisa Domeny
Illustrated by:

Category: Children-Picture Book

Page Length: 32 Pages

Reviewed On: 13 AUG 2020

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Book Review

Indy's Spot of Bother is an excellent book about accepting the things that make you special! It's not always easy to accept being different, especially when those around you tease you. But it's incredibly important to love yourself, especially the parts that MAKE yourself!

This is an adorable lesson for any young child, but it's made even better by the way it's taught! Excellent pictures of an adorable dalmatian tell the story of a pup who knows what it's like to be different from her many siblings, and wants to figure out how to fit in! It's the perfect book for any young dog-lover, and its message is one every child should be taught.

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