Freeda the Frog Says Farewell to Her Fish

Written by: Nadine Haruni
Illustrated by: Tina Modugno

Category: Children-Picture Book

Page Length: 20 Pages

Reviewed On: 21 AUG 2020

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Book Review

Freeda the Frog Says Farewell to Her Fish is an excellent first step into dealing with grief for young children. It's detailed, in-depth, and tackles difficult subjects that parents may struggle to explain to their confused young ones. It doesn't make light of sensitive topics, while still managing to get the message across clearly and easily.

Freeda and her family are endearing characters that are perfect for discussing a complicated topic in a way that children can easily engage with and understand. It provides excellent advice about talking through your painful emotions with a trusted adult or friends, and provides questions in the back of the book to help ensure the message gets through clearly! Though this book gives its message through the loss of a pet, this is an excellent book for children who have recently lost anyone dear to them.

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