Ethan's Healthy Mind Express: A Children's First Mental Health Primer

Written by: Emily Lane Waszak and Erik Bean
Illustrated by: Gail Gorske

Category: Children-Picture Book

Page Length: 42 Pages

Reviewed On: 29 JUL 2020

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Book Review

Ethan's Healthy Mind Express is a wonderful book about respecting and caring for the mental health of yourself and those around you. There is a wide variety of topics addressed: from lack of control over emotions to shyness and ADHD. With a highlight on the differences of people's personal needs and seeking help when you need it, this story excels in breaking a complex, nuanced topic into easily understood points perfect for teaching children. It also brings up caution in who you talk to, particularly online, and warns children that while you should seek adult help when you struggle, not ALL adults are worthy of that trust.

The book's simple rhyme and beautiful paper cut-out create a masterpiece of educational children's literature. Emily Lane Waszak and Erik Bean have made a truly wonderful resource for parents of children struggling with the kinds of problems, and made it beautiful as well. Definitely a must have for a serious topic that all parents should consider discussing with their children.

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