Chris And Chuck Love To Jump

Written by: Nicole S. Ross
Illustrated by: Aurora Tolentino

Category: Children-Picture Book

Page Length: 21 Pages

Reviewed On: 06 JUL 2020

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Book Review

Chris and Chuck are back to play with each other and your child as the Alphabet Books continue their mission to teach children reading basics one letter at a time. This book lets the letter J take the stage, as the two cousins jump and joyously join their new friend Jack in all kinds of adventures! What kinds of things will they find as they explore the park?

Chris and Chuck Love to Jump keep with the KLE Alphabet Book series' dedicated mission of teaching pre-school aged children the basics of reading. This one covers all kinds of words that start with the letter J, from very common to less so, giving your child plenty of new information they may not have otherwise learned for a while! We really cannot recommend the series enough for anyone who wants to instill a love of learning in their child as early as possible.

About Nicole S. Ross

Nicole S. Ross is passionate about using stories in early childhood education. She wrote the Alphabet Book Series for parents and teachers to be able to use stories to help children fall in love with reading while learning the alphabet.