Can You Hear Me, Daddy?

Written by: Y. Y. Chan
Illustrated by: Pearly L.

Category: Christian-Children

Page Length: 29 Pages

Reviewed On: 30 JUL 2020

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Book Review

In this powerful, moving book about loss and grief, Y. Y. Chan details a young girl's journey with her father's battle through cancer. It's an incredibly personal tale clearly told from a place of personal experience, and is a truly wonderful way of introducing a scared child to coping with loss with the help of love and faith. There is so much hope in every word of this story, with a focus on the continued presence of your loved one through heaven, always able to hear you.

Grief and loss is an incredibly sensitive and hard topic to tackle. Children are emotional, and it's an emotional time in any child's life when a loved one is dying--be it from cancer or otherwise. This beautiful book takes a little bit of the weight off the parents' shoulders, providing an excellent resource to helping your little one through an extremely hard time.

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