Aladdin Is Done In

Written by: Rich Linville
Illustrated by:

Category: Children-Picture Book

Page Length: 36 pages

Reviewed On: 12 AUG 2020

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Book Review

Aladdin is a thief who sets his sights on the Sultan's golden roof, but the Sultan's wizard catches him in the act of trying to steal! In exchange for his life, Aladdin agrees to go to a cave filled with thieves' treasure to fetch an old oil lamp for the wizard. Though as you might expect, things aren't so easy.

Aladdin Is Done In is a fun little tale that will teach kids that stealing doesn't pay. This would be a great story for parents to read aloud to their children during story time. It even has a prompt at the end of the story to start a discussion, which is a nice way to strengthen your child's comprehension skills and ability to interpret meaning from stories.

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