A Song for Birdie

Written by: Cindy Shirley
Illustrated by: Cailey Shirley

Category: Children-Action

Page Length: 36 pages

Reviewed On: 15 JUL 2020

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Book Review

Birdie has trouble focusing in class, so her teacher calls her parents in for a meeting. She thinks Birdie may be autistic, and plans are set up for Birdie to be put in a special needs class to better suit her. At first the young girl is nervous, but she finds inspiration in a little bird who visits her every day. It turns out she loves and excels in the new class, and her parents are overjoyed that they've found the right place for their daughter.

This is a beautiful story about a young girl with a very unique view of the world, and finding your own place in things. Any child with autism or parent with autistic children will recognize Birdie's struggles in adjusting to new surroundings and finding joy in things other people may not understand. A Song for Birdie is a great portrayal of a child living happily with autism that I can highly recommend.

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