A Home for Bessie

Written by: Jennifer Aicher
Illustrated by:

Category: Children-Coming of Age

Page Length: 26 Pages

Reviewed On: 22 JUN 2020

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Book Review

A Home for Bessie is the story of one girl's journey through foster care. It's an extremely emotional tale about the struggles of a young girl as she's moved from home to home, just trying to keep a hold of the one thing she had from her life before. It's a story of both loss and hope, one I'm sure many children in the system are able to relate to.

This book is honestly quite a masterpiece. The photographic style of the accompanying pictures adds a depth and reality to the story that illustrations wouldn't be able to capture. The story is personal, real, and heartbreaking in the best sort of ways, and is highly recommended to anyone looking to adopt or foster a child of their own.

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